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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgracelessgrace‧less /ˈɡreɪsləs/ adjective  1 RUDE/IMPOLITEnot being polite, especially when someone has been kind to you He was bad-tempered and graceless in defeat.2 CLUMSYmoving or doing something in a way that seems awkward opp graceful The soldiers were graceless with their heavy packs and helmets.3 UGLYsomething that is graceless is unattractive and unpleasant to look at opp graceful graceless architecturegracelessly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
gracelessMany of the gloating obituaries were graceless and did no one any credit.The porter's speech disappears, for example; and Malcolm is at least as ugly and graceless as the tyrant he replaces.But suddenly, the difference between the overwhelming beauty of the tiger and the graceless body of the decaying fly seem no longer.Michael grows into fatherhood and bachelorhood with graceless ease.He was tall and lean in the angular, graceless mountaineer style.So when they held dinner-parties Scarlet skimped on the smoked salmon, and Brian rebuked her for her graceless parsimony.She began to swim with her nervy, graceless stroke and Nick watched her sympathetically.I managed a slow graceless turn as I skied down the hill for the first time.
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