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graduate (from something) to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgraduate (from something) to somethinggraduate (from something) to somethingUPto start doing something that is bigger, better, or more important syn progress As an actress she has graduated from small roles to more substantial parts. graduate
Examples from the Corpus
graduate (from something) to somethingThey graduate and get to be OLs for a while.Often, a graduate has to complete a year at college or at law school after taking a degree.Too many think it is important to graduate but not to do well.Over the next 15 years, 700 did-and three-fourths of those graduated, according to Gray.He began his coaching career as a graduate assistant to Jim Harrick at Pepperdine in 1982.Furthermore, he had the brains and the strength of character to graduate from rebel leader to legitimate president.After graduating he travelled to Paris, and was there during the 1848 rising.Bob played college baseball but never graduated to the majors.In the process Kurt had graduated from business adviser to trusted friend.
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