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grainygrain‧y /ˈɡreɪni/ adjective  TCPCSa photograph that is grainy has a rough appearance, as if the images are made up of spots
Examples from the Corpus
grainyAged Gruyere: Five years old, this cheese is grainy and piquant with a sweet, long finish.The photo is a grainy collage of blacks and whites, with dots and lines scratched across the murky background.Its defrosting is subtle, gradual: but Eisenstein rather than Antonioni: grainy, gritty even.Another video weakness to guard against is the coarse and grainy look of plain surfaces in bright primary colours, especially reds.grainy mustardI stare at the screen while they show a grainy old black-and-white photo of me, younger, with longer hair.Below the fold was a grainy photograph taken on primary night.It also includes a grainy, retouched photograph of the man holding the death mask in his hands.
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