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gramgram (also gramme British English) /ɡræm/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] (written abbreviation g or gm)  TMthe basic unit for measuring weight in the metric system
Examples from the Corpus
gramThey said it was a gram in court ...If, from every gram, you are selling a dozen bags, that's a lot of trading.In 1928 it cost £25 per gram, but by 1974 it was as low as £40 per kilogram.Carbohydrates contain 3.75 calories per gram whereas fat contains about nine calories.If it is not practical to remove the decorations, add a quarter gram of citric acid crystals to the stock solution.Just keep half the gram he lent you for your own use, and sell the rest.
-gram-gram /ɡræm/ suffix [in nouns]  MESSAGEa message delivered as an amusing surprise On his birthday we sent him a kissagram (=a woman who was paid to give him a message and kiss him).From Longman Business Dictionarygramgram /græm/ (also gramme written abbreviation, g, gm, gr or, grm) noun [countable] the basic unit for measuring weight in the METRIC SYSTEM
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