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grammariangram‧mar‧i‧an /ɡrəˈmeəriən $ -ˈmer-/ noun [countable]  SLGsomeone who studies and knows about grammar
Examples from the Corpus
grammarianHe is a grammarian, a swordsman, a musician with a predilection for the fugue.Pertinent comments made by linguists and grammarians all focus however on the meaning of the verb of perception alone.All this was emblematic, meant as a memory aid for the budding grammarian.But grammarians intent on prescribing rules of correct usage preferred he over they and stigmatised the latter as incorrect.For his work, Kanthan has returned to the best known Sanskrit grammarian, Panini.But the grammarian is tongue-tied without his labels: noun, adjective, verb, adverb, conjunction, pronoun.It is also typically the case that the grammarian will have constructed the sentence or sentences he uses as examples.Another is that the methodology of transformational grammarians has obscured the need for investigation of speech-writing differences.
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