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granarygran‧a‧ry /ˈɡrænəri $ ˈɡreɪ-, ˈɡræ-/ noun (plural granaries) [countable]  TAa place where grain, especially wheat, is stored
Examples from the Corpus
granaryIt is a structure which does not resemble the so-called granary or storage facility at Harappa.For example, the Kornhaus, a former granary in Kronengasse, which is now principally a young people's centre.The U.S. is one of the world's leading granaries.Work began on two new, larger, masonry granaries, although they were situated on the same site.It now houses a refreshment area for visitors to the museum and the granary is used for exhibitions.Back at the granary he persuaded the farm-worker to exchange it for the precious antique.He turned round in an instant, but the silence of the granary mocked him: he was alone.The granary ran low one day, while the masses were still hungry, so Ansovinus ordered the storehouse doors shut.Soloukhin told me of watching a collective-farm worker in a church turned granary.
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GranaryGranary adjective [only before noun] trademark British English  DFGranary bread is bread which contains whole grains of wheat
Examples from the Corpus
GranaryThe locks and warehouses behind the City Station have been restored as Granary Wharf.
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