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grand total

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrand totalgrand totala) BFTOTALthe final total, including all the totals added togethersubtotal b) TOTALused humorously when you think the final total is small I earned a grand total of $4.15. total
Examples from the Corpus
grand totalIt would be boring work, and they would earn a grand total of I credit for all their pains.Each of the 96 subjects did the experiment twice, giving a grand total of 192 repetitions of the experiment.He was earning $ 4. 70 an hour and taking home a grand total of $ 50 a week.A great day for the new committee, resulting in a grand total of £475.We are delighted and thrilled with the enthusiasm and ingenuity you have displayed while producing a grand total of over £2,500.A grand total of six people showed up for the lecture.In 10 years with Llanelli his grand total of games was a miserly 260.That brings the grand total to $ 212,645.They worked like hurricane-lamps and had cost the grand total of three dollars in Hanoi market.The grand total for both meals was $6.73.
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