Date: 1500-1600
Language: Old French
Origin: 'large, great', from Latin grandis


1 adjective
grand1 S2 W3
1 big and very impressive [≠ humble]:
a grand country house
The party was a grand affair.
New Yorkers build on a grand scale.
2 aiming or intended to achieve something impressive:
Henry Luce had a grand design for America's future.
The company's grand ambition was to become the first and biggest global airline.
3 important and rich:
He looked very grand in his ceremonial uniform.
the grand end of West Avenue


a) used in the titles of buildings or places that are big and impressive:
the Grand Hotel
Grand Central Station
b) used in the titles of some people who belong to the highest social class:
the Grand Duke of Baden
5 British English informal excellent:
We all had a grand time.
Thank you, Shirley, that's grand.

a grand total

the final total you get when you add up several numbers or amounts
a grand total of
You could add the £15,000 Bonus to the First Prize and win a grand total of £125,000!

grand (old) age

an age when someone is quite old:
She had reached the grand old age of 80.

the Grand Old Man of something

a man who has been involved in an activity or a profession for a long time and is highly respected:
the Grand Old Man of British theatre
grandly adverb:
'I am training her to cook for royalty,' Auguste said grandly.

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