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grandiloquentgran‧dil‧o‧quent /ɡrænˈdɪləkwənt/ adjective formal  ALPROUDusing words that are too long and formal in order to sound important syn pompousgrandiloquence noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
grandiloquentTheir judicial proclamations range from grandiloquent declarations of sovereign citizenship to lowly refusals to pay speeding tickets.The truth is that Ministers who mouth those grandiloquent guarantees know little of what is happening on the ground.a grandiloquent prose styleJay was given to grandiloquent rambling, and had to check herself.His tightly honed but grandiloquent rhetoric rang like gold on marble, even when it was covering gross political ineptitude.The tempi of their dances were usually slow and grandiloquent, the gestures generous yet precise and performed with conviction.
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