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grandmagrand‧ma /ˈɡrænmɑː/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  informalSSFFAMILY grandmother
Examples from the Corpus
grandmaWe figure: you want to be a community grandma, an Abuelita?The Fus - grandma, young parents and two small children - eat and dress well enough.Hey, grandma, learn how to drive!Catherine's lively grandma Zeta, 84, right, surprised guests too.My old grandma chanted this, a game we played by the hours, sitting by the fish racks scaring flies.The grandma of the family added a few details about how she had starved and three of her children had died.You and your grandma were in the front seat.Maybe marketing deserves a box all to itself, or one particular product, or your grandma.That is what has happened to your grandma.
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