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granitegran‧ite /ˈɡrænət/ noun [uncountable]  HEGa very hard grey rock, often used in building
Examples from the Corpus
graniteBronze on granite base. 6.5m.Hatchet-faced, tough as the city's granite, Yevdoxia plumped herself down at Anna's side.They imported all the granite gravel for the driveway from Paris.At one place, the round shape of an engine protruded from the granite.Salt water, beaten into a white sea foam, collides into the granite with each swell.This appears to coincide with the base of the granite batholith and may represent the basal Variscan thrust.Grit blew off the granite outcroppings and the fields beneath grew nothing but rocks and dust.The wolframite is scattered extremely thinly throughout the granite.
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