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granulargran‧u‧lar /ˈɡrænjələ $ -ər/ adjective  HCCFconsisting of granules
Examples from the Corpus
granulargranular fertilizerGranulites are like their textural equivalents, granular igneous rocks, in being mosaics of interlocking crystals of roughly equal size.The mats are unrolled and laid between the joists, while the granular insulation is just poured on to the boards.The snow we encountered at Attitash was basically frozen granular, just like everywhere else.The real thing is granular, not powdery.If overheated it will become granular, so spoiling the delicate texture of the truffles.We observe no evidence for granular superconductivity.Our results demonstrate that these systems are genuinely 3-D superconductors as opposed to lower-dimensional or granular superconductors.The ventral interradial areas are also covered with spinelets which are more nearly granular than those of the dorsal side.
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