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granulatedgran‧u‧lat‧ed /ˈɡrænjəleɪtɪd/ adjective  DFgranulated sugar is in the form of small white grains
Examples from the Corpus
granulatedIn the new process, the carpet is granulated and then mixed and extruded with a catalyst.Combine granulated sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in small bowl.It can be used just like granulated sugar, spoon for spoon, in drinks, desserts, cereals and some recipes.Add approximately half a teaspoon of white granulated sugar to each bottle before capping it.Gradually beat in granulated sugar until well combined.Beat eggs and granulated sugar well and add vanilla and citron.Melt the granulated sugar with the almonds in a saucepan.It was thought that dry granulated yeast imparted an inferior flavor.
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