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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgranulegran‧ule /ˈɡrænjuːl/ noun [countable]  PIECEa small hard piece of something coffee granules
Examples from the Corpus
granuleThe oral shield is oval to rounded pentagonal with the distal edge fringed by granules or low spinelets.Although the concentrated granules will burn any plants they touch, the diluted runoff is beneficial and provides fertilizer to plant roots.The oral papillae are reduced and resemble large flattened granules.The cerebellum, atop the brain stem, has many more, thanks to so many little granule cell neurons.Scattered granules are often present on the jaw plates and on parts of the adoral shields.In the first minute of the plug formation the platelets retain their granules and remain loosely packed.Both disk and arms are densely covered with granules.
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