Language: Old English
Origin: græs


1 noun
Related topics: Gardening, Plants, Drug Culture, Crime
grass1 S2 W2

in fields and gardens

a) [uncountable]DLGHBP a very common plant with thin leaves that covers the ground in fields and gardens and is often eaten by animals:
She enjoyed the feel of grass beneath her feet.
a blade of grass (=single leaf)
b) [countable]HBP a particular kind of grass:
All grasses need light to grow well.

the grass

an area of grass, especially an area where the grass is kept cut short:
I walked across the grass.
Keep off the grass.


[uncountable] informalMDD marijuana


[countable] British English informalSCC someone, usually a criminal, who gives information about other criminals to the police - used to show disapproval [= informer; = stoolpigeon AmE] supergrass

the grass is greener (on the other side)

used to say that other places or situations seem better than yours, although they may not really be better

not let the grass grow under your feet

to not waste time or delay starting something

put somebody out to grass

informal to make someone leave their job because they are too old to do it effectively
grass roots

➔ snake in the grass

at snake1 (2)

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