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gratinggrat‧ing1 /ˈɡreɪtɪŋ/ noun [countable]  DHTBa metal frame with bars across it, used to cover a window or hole Leaves clogged the grating over the drain.
Examples from the Corpus
gratingA grating is a set of tight and dark stripes, usually of equal width.Such patterns are known as gratings.A spectrograph uses optical elements called gratings or prisms to separate the light gathered by a telescope into its component colors.Sometimes I added a few gratings of nutmeg.This process forms gratings in the crystal, a record of the interference pattern.Those that had iron gratings locked them across the plate glass.Only a trail of blue sticky stuff all on the gratings.Gullies often become blocked by dead leaves and small stones which fall through the grating.
gratinggrating2 adjective  UNPLEASANTa grating sound is hard and unpleasant a harsh grating voicegratingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
gratingThe statue slowly slithered off his body; a grating noise as it hit the floor.Calls a short high-pitched whistle and a harsh grating note.The luminance profile of a typical grating pattern is shown in Figure 4.3.a grating personalityThe machine began to spin faster and faster, with the grating screech of metal on metal.The gangplank that linked the slipway to the boat shifted to and fro with a grating sound.Rincewind tried to shut his ears to the grating voice beside him.a grating voiceWe could hear a group of tourists, talking in loud grating voices.
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