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gravellygrav‧el‧ly /ˈɡrævəli/ adjective  1 LOW SOUND OR VOICEa gravelly voice has a low rough sound2 DTcovered with or mixed with gravel gravelly soil
Examples from the Corpus
gravellyThe drive was gravelly, and I had to focus on my steps so as not to stumble and spill Janir.Home, she thought dismally as she drove up the gravelly drive.So much for security, Ruth mused as she leapt back into the jeep and drove up the long gravelly drive.To be expected on sandy or gravelly shores where there is flushing with fresh or brackish water.The bank on each side of the oak tree was bare and consisted of a light, gravelly soil.The Chatterjis live in a small blue house on a gravelly street.After four weeks they still had not got used to the gravelly voice and the song that seemed to lie in it.
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