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graveyard shift

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgraveyard shiftˈgraveyard ˌshift noun [countable] especially American English  WORK THAT somebody DOESa regular period of working time that begins late at night and continues until the early morning, or the people who work during this time
Examples from the Corpus
graveyard shiftReid reportedly worked as a stock clerk on the graveyard shift at a Wal-Mart in Mountain View.I worked the graveyard shift and she would wake me up.I've been really tired since I started working the graveyard shift.This is also the same guys who says so Peter works graveyard shift, huh?
From Longman Business Dictionarygraveyard shiftˈgraveyard shift informalHUMAN RESOURCES a regular period of time that people work during the nightTo support his family, Frank found temporary work on the graveyard shift at a local tool company. shift
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