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gravygra‧vy /ˈɡreɪvi/ ●●● S3 noun [uncountable]  1 DFFa sauce made from the juice that comes from meat as it cooks, mixed with flour and water2 American English informalMONEY something good that is more than you expected to get
Examples from the Corpus
gravyGravy may be taken with the dinner menus, provided it is made with gravy powder or low-fat granules.If he succeeds, it is all gravy.In the southwest beef and gravy, along with the appropriate spices, means chili.For supper the standard menu was chipped-beef gravy on bread, or macaroni and cheese.Reheat foods to 165 degrees F, or until hot and steaming; bring gravy to a boil.Bring gravy to a full boil before serving.In this one you got Yorkshire pudding first and Uncle Fred ate his gravy with a knife and no one frowned upon it.In the late 30s baked beans were available both in brine and in gravy.
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