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great big

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgreat biggreat bigspokenVERY very big Get your great big feet off my table! great
Examples from the Corpus
great bigMy mouth watered as I looked at those great big berries.And great big chunks of the current Libertarian Party movement contain a horde of former left-wing nuts who are now Libertarian nuts.A great big eel, one day, swam past and touched her.In the silence that followed, Baby Suggs, holy, offered up to them her great big heart.It was that little noise and a great big hug that let me know that you were very proud of me.I like the man who's playing this great big shiny thing like a fog horn.I mean, look at what Hendrix had for pedals - just a Fuzz Face and a great big stack of Marshalls.Well now, one surely would have thought that for such little things those great big waves might have seemed threatening.
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