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greatcoatgreat‧coat /ˈɡreɪtkəʊt $ -koʊt/ noun [countable]  DCCa long heavy coat
Examples from the Corpus
greatcoatHe came on wearing a sailor's hat, a greatcoat and a kit bag.It was bitterly cold in the open jeep, but Taylor had brought an army greatcoat for me to wear.By now the sounds of his waking hours were familiar to the boy curled up in an army greatcoat in the room below.He wore an army greatcoat, not big enough to cover his blubbery belly although it was buttoned across his chest.No, there was Tumbleweed asleep under an old army greatcoat, a ladybird ambling about on his twitching nose.She wore a naval greatcoat with brass buttons and some sort of goggles on her head.This he carefully filled from the bottle and then replaced in the greatcoat.Unconsciously his hand reached for the pocket of the greatcoat he was not wearing, where he kept his silver flask.
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