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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgreedygreed‧y /ˈɡriːdi/ ●●○ adjective (comparative greedier, superlative greediest)  1 GREEDYalways wanting more food, money, power, possessions etc than you need a greedy and selfish society He looked at the gold with greedy eyes. Have you eaten them all, you greedy pig?greedy for They are greedy for profits.2 greedy gutsgreedily adverb He grabbed the bottle and drank greedily.greediness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
greedyHe seemed to think that the others were too rowdy, too greedy.She would have liked to stay longer, but realised that would have been greedy.He was an ambitious man, selfish and greedy.Guy was greedy, amoral, obsessed with power and self-gratification.Some landlords have become greedy and are demanding higher rents than people can afford.One of the cats gets greedy and eats the other one's food.Greedy children often tend to put on too much weight.The greedy children were at constant odds with one another over control of the kingdom.Four greedy eyes gobbled at her.Take your greedy fingers off that pie - you've had more than enough already.There were ten of us children in the family, and we were all greedy for attention.Not because they made bad or greedy investments, and lost all their money in shaky stock deals.The fee limit is there to protect veterans from greedy lawyers.the ridiculously high fees charged by greedy lawyersDon't be so greedy! Leave some cake for everyone else.At a deeper level, they rowed about greed - guilt about greed and protection from supposedly greedy women.
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