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griddlegrid‧dle /ˈɡrɪdl/ noun [countable]  DFUa round iron plate that is used for cooking meat, vegetables, or cakes on top of a stove or over a fire
Examples from the Corpus
griddleLightly grease a griddle or a skillet and heat over medium high heat.A griddle car service will be available on weekdays and Saturdays during the period of daily running.Stir batter down and bake cakes on a lightly greased griddle, using about cup batter per pancake.The prefect had him bound to a hot griddle.In large skillet or on griddle, heat 1 tablespoon oil.Season the meat and cook on a preheated griddle pan for about 15 minutes for rare.The small boy ate ten griddle cakes and the man eight.Jumiles are medium-sized beetles which are sometimes cooked on the griddle and often eaten alive.
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