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gridirongrid‧i‧ron /ˈɡrɪdaɪən $ -ərn/ noun [countable]  1 DFUan open frame of metal bars for cooking meat or fish over a very hot fire2 American EnglishDSA a field marked in white lines for American football
Examples from the Corpus
gridironHis belly was a crucible, his ribs were a gridiron, and his fingers were tongs.In fact Auguste and Sid were the only volunteers and even Auguste had second thoughts as he smelt them on the gridiron.It is curious, by the way, that the gridiron plan should have gone on so long.And this gridiron pendulum can truly stand the heat with no ill effects.As suddenly as the mountains appeared, they fell away, and a vast gridiron of lights appeared out of nowhere.
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