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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrief-strickenˈgrief-ˌstricken adjective  SAD/UNHAPPYfeeling very sad because of something that has happened syn distraught The grief-stricken widow refused to leave her dead husband’s side.
Examples from the Corpus
grief-strickenHe died of cancer in January 1932, leaving his companions grief-stricken.It was grief-stricken Abigail who made the final parting gesture.Mr and Mrs Key are said to be grief-stricken and still undergoing therapy after the loss of their baby sons.The remainder of the grief-stricken deserters were duly punished.Her grief-stricken father, who was born in Mossley Hill, was too upset to comment on tragedy last night.Sure enough, the enraged and grief-stricken Roper is forbidden to work on the case.Lady Cross's family was too grief-stricken to attend the trial.His grief-stricken widow destroyed all his cricket clothes and equipment.
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