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grillegrille, grill /ɡrɪl/ noun [countable]  1 TBBa frame with metal bars or wire across it that is put in front of a window or door for protection2 TTCthe metal bars at the front of a car that protect the radiator
Examples from the Corpus
grilleOn top of the cab was a very big circular disc with a grille over it like miniature venetian blinds.The Ugly: Styling groove across grille.He grabbed a parking space, his brake lights making bloody stains on the car grille behind.The fine decorative grille in front of the doorway is by Jaroslav Horejc of 1954.The new Mountaineer is an Explorer in Mercury trim with the 5. 0-liter engine and a distinct grille with Mercury emblem.The front grille and the chrome hub caps gleamed, because he polished them every evening with a soft chamois cloth.The bottom half of the building was towers, balconies and metal grilles, and the top half was very Hemish merchant.Eventually the grille swung away from the iron chair, and the helmet from his head, releasing Lexandro.
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