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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrimegrime /ɡraɪm/ noun [uncountable]  1 DIRTYa lot of dirt syn filth The walls were black with grime.2 (also grime music) a type of British popular music with a fast beat. It is related to several other types of music such as garage and hip hop.
Examples from the Corpus
grimeIt is subject to grease and grime from the hands, occasional coffee spills, cigarette ash, dead flies and sandwich crumbs.The lichen-crusted walls bedecked with city grime capture my attention time and time again.Cold Cream Cleanser dissolves grime and waterproof make-up.Just bloody London with its grime and filthy streets and the booze.Sonny scraped his fingernail along the soft grime on the lip of the oak table.Greedily she swallowed her saliva mixed with his salty, sweaty grime.Then the task of cleaning up the grime, and oil, and soot begins.His hand were black with grime from working on the car.On one wall of the entryway hangs a large oil painting, covered with grime.The burgundy skirt was smeared with grime and buttons were missing from her gaping blouse.
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