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grind your teeth

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrind your teethgrind your teethBITEto rub your upper and lower teeth together, making a noise grind
Examples from the Corpus
grind your teethtraffic problems that make us grind our teethIt's my husband Deardrie - he keeps me awake at night, grinding his teeth!Small Dave ground his teeth and spat into the daylight.I ground my teeth as I watched her crawl back into the machinery.For a while a man ground his teeth horribly, only feet away.Terry ground his teeth in consternation.Mortally wounded, frothing at the mouth, grinding his teeth in pain, he chose the floor instead.His jaw ached and he realised that he was grinding his teeth, so he released the muscles and tried to relax.She was grinding her teeth, until the taste of blood made her stop.
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