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groggygrog‧gy /ˈɡrɒɡi $ ˈɡrɑːɡi/ adjective  MIweak and unable to move well or think clearly because you are ill or very tired I felt really groggy after 15 hours on the plane.
Examples from the Corpus
groggyThey won't make you groggy.You've been threatened, you've been doped, you're groggy.You shouldn't drive after taking these pills. They're likely to make you feel groggy.Meanwhile, the opposition looks groggy.Bill looked groggy after studying all night.I was still groggy, and getting into the water helped.I was still groggy, but I could sit up.I went to see Sally in hospital, but she was still groggy from the anaesthetic.In particular Donal Lunny's assured production allows for moments of rain-washed clarity in what could've been a groggy hotchpotch.No. 3 tells the groggy householder to get up so he can stick the knife in him.He was too groggy to recall where he was.felt ... groggyHe felt pretty groggy, his legs weak.Pears felt groggy in the closing stages and found it difficult to concentrate.
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