1 verb
Related topics: Clothes and Fashion
1 [transitive] to clean and brush an animal, especially a horse
2 [transitive] to prepare someone for an important job or position in society by training them over a long period
groom somebody for something
Tim was being groomed for a managerial position.
groom somebody to do something
Clare's been groomed to take her father's place when he retires.
3 [transitive]DC to take care of your own appearance by keeping your hair and clothes clean and tidy:
Her hair is always perfectly groomed.
4 [transitive] to devlop a friendship with a child, with the intention of starting a sexual relationship. This is done by adults, and is illegal when the child is younger than 16.
5 [intransitive and transitive] if an animal grooms itself or another animal, it cleans its own fur and skin or that of the other animal

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