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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgroovegroove /ɡruːv/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 LINEa thin line cut into a hard surface The bolt slid easily into the groove. a shallow groove cut into the cliff2 be stuck in a groove3 informal the beat of a piece of popular music a hypnotic dub groove
Examples from the Corpus
grooveThen you cut a groove into the wood, so that the two pieces can be slotted together.I get myself in sort of a groove.Jazzy grooves and top-class rapping; this helped invent trip-hop and all manner of other dubious things.This type of groove should be played very tight, smack on the beat at all times, but with a little bounce.The music moves from ominous grooves to all-out instrumental pummeling of the listener -- all in the same piece.As the lights went down and the groove got going, people started dancing.Its blade was two-edged, and made of heavy bronze, the grooves chased like lotus stems.The record player needle kept jumping out of the grooves.
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