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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgroovygroov‧y /ˈɡruːvi/ adjective old-fashioned informal  MODERNa word meaning fashionable, modern, and fun, used especially in the 1960s
Examples from the Corpus
groovyNot a bad score for a fortnight in the summer of groovy and psychedelic love, peace and general niceness.When I do get a stab at some groovy chow, what's happened to it, man?It was just groovy for our students to talk in the early 1970s about saving the world as lawyers.Hey man, I've got a real groovy idea.But the lanes have hit the modern mood in a musical sense with a groovy little gig called Cosmic Bowl.This is real groovy love power.Fortunately, there's usually groovy soul music playing and eye-catching art adorning the walls.It was a groovy time across the board-in art, literature and music.
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