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gross margin

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gross marginˌgross ˈmargin noun [countable] technical  BBTthe difference between what something costs to produce and what it is sold for
Examples from the Corpus
gross marginThese machines have a gross margin of 50 percent.A gross margin of $ 62,500 is anticipated on $ 250,000 in sales.Two years ago, an average gross margin might have been £200 / acre, he points out.By contrast, the gross margin on an alternative remedy is typically 30 percent, Toth said.The gross margin was 20. 7 percent in the fourth quarter.
From Longman Business Dictionarygross marginˌgross ˈmargin (also gross profit margin) [countable]ACCOUNTING the difference between the price that a product or service is sold for and the cost of producing it, without including OVERHEADs (=general costs not related to particular products or services)The company needed a gross margin of around 40% to make a reasonable profit. margin
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