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gross profit

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gross profitˌgross ˈprofit noun [countable]  BBTgross margin
Examples from the Corpus
gross profitWater Assessment 1992 was an excellent year for oceanographic and water related work, with a gross profit significantly ahead of budget.Sales less cost of sales yields a gross profit of $ 350.The possibility of a high gross profit margin. 6.However, gross profit was down only £2m to £94m.This represents a difference or rather gross profit of 65p per dozen or £14.98 per bird over the same period.A particular case that I remember was the client's stock calculations geared to achieving the required gross profit percentage.Certainly one of the most important and most sensitive variables to be estimated is the gross profit margin.The difference between sales and cost of sales is the gross profit which is distributed as tax and dividends.
From Longman Business Dictionarygross profitˌgross ˈprofitACCOUNTINGFINANCETAX a company’s profit before certain costs and taxes are taken awayThe insurer reported that gross profit, before taxes and losses on equity and foreign-exchange operations, edged down 1%. profit
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