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ground floor

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ground floorˌground ˈfloor noun  1 [countable] especially British EnglishTBB the floor of a building that is at ground level syn first floor American English a ground floor flat The dining room is on the ground floor. floor1(3)2 be/get in on the ground floor
Examples from the Corpus
ground floorIn the same week, they also got into his ground floor flat twice and stole his cheque book and card.Get in on the ground floor.Accommodation for residents is on the ground floor or well-serviced by lifts.Suppose you lived at the top of the building, and your parents stayed on the ground floor.The bookshop was on the ground floor, and the gallery in the basement.She guided him back to the lift, down to the ground floor and the street and into a taxi.Under the vaulted ground floor was a guardroom and small prison.
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