2 verb
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[transitive usually passive]TTA to stop an aircraft or pilot from flying:
All planes are grounded until the fog clears.


[intransitive and transitive]TTW if you ground a boat or if it grounds, it hits the bottom of the sea so that it cannot move:
Both boats grounded on a mud bank.

be grounded in/on something

to be based on something:
Lewis' ideas were grounded in his Christian faith.


[transitive] informal to stop a child going out with their friends as a punishment for behaving badly:
I got home at 2 am and Dad grounded me on the spot.


[transitive] American EnglishTPE to make a piece of electrical equipment safe by connecting it to the ground with a wire [= earth British English]

ground somebody in something

phrasal verb
to teach someone the basic things they should know in order to be able to do something:
Most seven-year-olds are grounded in the basics of reading and writing.

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