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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgroundlessground‧less /ˈɡraʊndləs/ adjective  REASONWRONG/UNJUSTIFIEDnot based on facts or reason opp well-founded Fortunately my suspicions proved groundless. Mr Kay’s lawyer said the accusations were groundless.
Examples from the Corpus
groundlessA message from Interpol confirmed that our Inspector's suspicions were far from groundless.The distinction between the arbitrary and the suggestive is ultimately groundless.This suggests that some previous doubts are groundless.The charges against him are groundless.On the face of it, these fears are groundless.Fears that radiotherapy would cause genetic mutations leading to handicaps in offspring appear to be groundless, according to studies among 3,000 survivors.The assumption is groundless both theoretically and empirically.Such groundless critiques, however, have contributed to the perception of Washington as a Neanderthal man.But their fear is groundless, I do have to say.Such awards are made to discourage plaintiffs from bringing groundless lawsuits which burden the courts.Fleury dismissed our fears as groundless, though he was secretly alarmed.proved groundlessFears that coursework vital to pupils' examination grades may have been destroyed in Sunday's blaze proved groundless.Fears that she would interfere with the Kunsthalle or the Museum für Stadtgeschichte have proved groundless.Initial apprehension in Washington and elsewhere that allied troops might get bogged down in a guerrilla war has proved groundless.Initial fears that the Scuds were carrying chemical warheads proved groundless.It doesn't matter that fears of massive redundancies among office staff that greeted the first large computers proved groundless.Most of Nigel's worries proved groundless.
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