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groundsheetground‧sheet /ˈɡraʊndʃiːt/ noun [countable]  British EnglishDLO a piece of material that water cannot pass through which people sleep on when they are camping syn ground cloth American English
Examples from the Corpus
groundsheetBetween two people one poncho was used as a groundsheet and the other was strung up and pinned down with home-made pegs.Pins and needles hit her as she moved upslope to the entrance and her numb foot skated on the glossy groundsheet.This prolongs the life of the tent's built-in groundsheet. 4.If you're basing yourself at one campsite place an old groundsheet or plastic sheet under the tent.The base of each pole is then inserted into brass eyelets on nylon webbing which are attached to the groundsheet.The groundsheet is made from a strong pu-coated taffeta nylon.The groundsheet is made from pu coated nylon and all the joining tapes are sealed.
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