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groundwaterground‧wa‧ter /ˈɡraʊndˌwɔːtə $ -ˌwɒːtər, -ˌwɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  water that is below the ground There are fears that groundwater might become contaminated.
Examples from the Corpus
groundwaterEveryone was living off tens of thousands of years of accumulated groundwater, like a spendthrift heir squandering his wealth.And by sinking a well or borehole into an aquifer, groundwater can be pumped to the surface.In some new build areas groundwater infiltration to existing sewers is as high as 20 times the dry weather flows.But last month the issuance of groundwater discharge permits was frozen in this state.To take them off groundwater may well mean we have to subsidize them some more.An enormous amount of detailed technical evidence on groundwater was presented during consideration of the earlier Bill.The Committee concluded that, subject to some important amendments and undertakings relating to groundwater, the Bill should be allowed to proceed.
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