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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgroundworkground‧work /ˈɡraʊndwɜːk $ -wɜːrk/ noun [uncountable]  PREPAREsomething that has to happen before an activity or plan can be successful His speech laid the groundwork for independence. Much of the groundwork has already been done.
Examples from the Corpus
groundworkIt is vital that the United Nations should now act on that groundwork and drive the peacemaking process forward.It is a transitory work which lays the groundwork for themes and styles found in the theater sixty years later.The unprecedented federal proposal may have a better chance in a non-election year, building on the groundwork laid this year.In short, we provide the groundwork, the teamwork and the network.At this early stage the groundwork is also laid for an effective alliance between parents and professionals concerning treatment.By this stage, the groundwork necessary for manned missions has been accomplished.The groundwork for next year's conference has already begun.Prosecution solicitors, Messrs Greene and Cowper, had done their groundwork well.laid ... groundworkA political debacle laid the groundwork for progress.One of my officials chairs the experts committee that laid the groundwork for this achievement.
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