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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgroupiegroup‧ie /ˈɡruːpi/ noun [countable]  SUPPORT A TEAM OR PLAYERa young woman who follows popular musicians or other famous people around, hoping to meet them
Examples from the Corpus
groupieThere is no mileage any more in being a groupie.Array of contributors includes players, commentators and groupies, with handsome illustrations.Merlin, who was quieter, but just as lethal, had pulled a different groupie every night of the Championships.Hugh had built up a following of excitable groupies and the ovations throughout were like the last night of Seinfeld.Football stars are well supplied with female groupies.Then there are the classical music groupies, who respond more to his looks than the way he conducts Lutoslawski.You know the list comprises of mainly Newsome groupies here.No birds, no booze, no groupies hanging about.
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