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grovegrove /ɡrəʊv $ ɡroʊv/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]TAF a piece of land with trees growing on itgrove of a small grove of beech treesolive/lemon/palm etc grove He owns an orange grove near Tel Aviv.see thesaurus at forest2 Grove
Examples from the Corpus
grovea lemon groveI was awestruck in the maple grove, immersed there in the luminescent yellow all around.His island, she mused, as she drove through almond and olive groves.The dense palm grove had been cleared and hundreds of casuarina trees chopped down and grubbed out.the redwood groves of Northern CaliforniaAs a description of a sacred grove, with its legends, character and atmosphere, this is hard to better!I believe the Druid sacred groves to have been functionally identical with, and a direct continuity of, ley mark-clumps.I am in the sacred grove with a priestess in the last surviving matriarchal, communal culture on earth.As he followed his partner through the grove, the stammering policeman limped from his run-in with the pot.Meekly he followed Drumhead up the sandy embankment toward the willow grove.olive/lemon/palm etc groveThe road led between lemon groves, and beyond them the sea sparkled in the distance.These men also have olive groves and cold-press their own virgin oil.He could be out on the patio, or walking among his lemon groves.She often comments on politics in Lemon Grove and the rest of East County.Presented to the city of Lemon Grove.Out among the olive groves and white-washed villages, or in the streets and galleries, you realise how little has changed.On a rocky unmade track through the olive groves, we might have strayed through a time warp into a Biblical landscape.Just think of those lemon groves outside my aunt's villa in Ravello.
GroveGroveTTRused in the names of roads Lisson Grove grove
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