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grow/drift apart

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrow/drift apartgrow/drift apartSEPARATEif people drift or grow apart, their relationship slowly becomes less close Lewis and his father drifted apart after he moved to New York. apart
Examples from the Corpus
grow/drift apartI think Dan and Tina just grew apart.Instead, it was suggested the couple, who married in their early 20s, had simply grown up and grown apart.We grew up, went off to different places, drifted apart.Jabbing with the point he kept off Alexei's attack until the reaction of their mid-air collision made them drift apart again.Such barrenness is the inevitable outcome where two people are growing apart and out of love.Work-inhibited students have not grown apart from their parents and become independent.If there is any twosome in a family likely to drift apart, it is a pair of brothers.Later in life, Lewis and his father drifted apart, never to be reconciled.
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