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growergrow‧er /ˈɡrəʊə $ ˈɡroʊər/ noun [countable]  1 TACGROW PLANTS, VEGETABLES ETCa person or company that grows fruit or vegetables in order to sell themfruit/vegetable/tobacco etc grower apple growers2 a plant that grows and develops in a particular wayfast/slow etc grower Bamboo is a very vigorous grower.
Examples from the Corpus
growerOne example of a grower who has one is Paul Steer, farming 350ha of sandy / clay loam in North Lincs.Can growers be persuaded to change their minds?A group of growers, economists and public officials is studying the possible costs and compensation to farmers, he said.potato growersHowever, Terrell of the sugar growers said their PACs gave only half as much as the users' PACs last year.If it were, the growers of tea and coffee would have a much easier job.There are an estimated 100,000 of these growers in North Carolina.fruit/vegetable/tobacco etc growerEven in Blaisdon, fruit growers are beginning to look to more reliable crops.Why not target subsidies to tobacco growers?fast/slow etc growerThe Memphis company is a fast grower, with profits increasing more than 20 % in each of the past two years.It cuts well, and splits beautifully, an burns even when it is green; and it is a fast grower.Though a slow grower, it is quite easy to keep.They fry were fed on baby brineshrimp and although not fast growers they seemed to do well.It is also a very fast grower.
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