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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrown-upˌgrown-ˈup1 ●●○ adjective  1 ADULTfully developed as an adult Before you know it, the children will be grown-up and leaving home. I’ve got two grown-up sons.2 ADULTbehaving in a responsible way, like an adult syn mature, → childish I expect more grown-up behaviour of you.
Examples from the Corpus
grown-upShe was talking to him as if he was grown-up and it made him feel uncomfortable.Mr Morgan, who was married with three grown-up children, had returned briefly to school after a period of illness.They have three grown-up children who live in other states.She lives in Thames Ditton with her husband, Paul and three grown-up children.Her husband and grown-up daughter also work on the place.But what is it doing in a grown-up hotel bar?Our children are all grown-up now.This was the first grown-up party she'd ever been to.But he was the first grown-up person who assumed I could discuss ideas.The channel has lost its amateur status and become a grown-up, professional outfit.She has three grown-up sons.The movies deals with grown-up subjects such as sex and domestic violence.Not one word about the butterfly, or her cleverness - only grown-up talk.
grown-upˈgrown-up2 ●●○ noun [countable]  ADULTan adult – used by or to children If you’re frightened, tell one of the grown-ups.
Examples from the Corpus
grown-upGrown-ups are so boring! All they ever do is talk!At home there was always a grown-up to turn to if you were in trouble.Most of all, Lieberman spoke as a grown-up.I wish my parents would treat me like a grown-up for a change.Do grown-ups naturally help children learn in their everyday lives?Their unity made them seem like grown-ups.For example, the child considers it wrong to lie to his parents and other grown-ups but not to his comrades.All the grown-ups clapped their hands.All the grown-ups smiled in that boring way they have when little girls are being exceptionally sick-making.July Good month for the grown-ups.So give the kids cash for a pizza delivery, and let the grown-ups enjoy a relaxing meal in the shade.
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