Date: 1500-1600
Origin: grow


growth W2


[singular,uncountable] an increase in amount, number, or size [≠ decline]
growth in/of
We've seen an enormous growth in the number of businesses using the Web.
the rapid growth of world population
the recent growth of interest in African music


[singular,uncountable] an increase in the value of goods or services produced and sold by a business or a country [≠ decline]:
measures to stimulate economic growth
strong/rapid/slow etc growth
a period of rapid growth in the economy
The company is preparing for zero growth (=no growth) this year.
growth area/industry
Debt collection is a huge growth industry.


[singular,uncountable] the development of the physical size, strength etc of a person, animal, or plant over a period of time:
Vitamins are essential for healthy growth.
a means of stimulating plant growth
a growth hormone (=substance in the body that causes you to grow)


[singular,uncountable] a gradual increase in the importance or influence that something has
growth of
Cinemas declined with the growth of television.

personal development

[uncountable] the development of someone's character, intelligence, or emotions:
A loving home is essential for a child's personal growth.
emotional/intellectual/spiritual etc growth
the journey toward spiritual growth


[countable]MI a swelling on or inside a person, animal, or plant, caused by disease [↪ tumour]:
a cancerous growth
growth on
a growth on his lung

growing thing

[uncountable and countable] something that has grown:
Feed the plants to encourage new growth.
His chin bore a thick growth of stubble.

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