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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrumpygrump‧y /ˈɡrʌmpi/ ●○○ adjective  BAD-TEMPEREDbad-tempered and easily annoyed syn irritable Mina’s always a bit grumpy first thing in the morning.grumpily adverbgrumpiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
grumpyCome back and see me when you're less grumpy.He is as cheerful in his workday as Stadler is grumpy.Southall was grumpy and unsociable, not like him.Hywel is a bit grumpy, and Wyn's so cheerful.I still felt grumpy, but as the preacher got going I also discovered that somehow I wanted him to do well.Homer, the grumpy dad, works in a nuclear plant and is a sentimental slob.She sits in a soft curve at her easel, gently swabbing away three centuries from a grumpy London sky.a grumpy old manBut I had reverted to my ordinary, grumpy, perennially dissatisfied self.
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