Date: 1600-1700
Origin: Probably from guaranty


2 noun
guarantee2 S2 [countable]
1 a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it breaks within a specific period of time [= warranty]:
They offer a two-year guarantee on all their electrical goods.
come with/carry a guarantee
Our computers come with a one year guarantee.
under guarantee
Is your TV under guarantee (=protected by a guarantee)?
2 a formal promise that something will be done
guarantee of
I'm afraid there's no guarantee of success.
guarantee that
I cannot give a guarantee that there will be no redundancies.
a) a promise that you will pay back money that someone else has used or borrowed, if they do not pay it themselves
b) something valuable that you give to someone to keep until you have done something you promised to do:
The bank is holding the airline's assets as guarantees.

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