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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguardedguard‧ed /ˈɡɑːdɪd $ ˈɡɑːr-/ adjective  CAREFULnot giving very much information or showing your feelings about something syn cautious The minister was quite guarded in his comments. He gave the proposal a guarded welcome.guardedly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
guardedThe faces hold you: guarded, apprehensive, expectant, confident, resolute.Baker spoke about the project with guarded enthusiasm.Their message was expressed in very guarded language.In one poem William Ix said that a closely guarded married woman was as bad a prospect as a millpond without fish.Strangers were rarely seen on that private and closely guarded property.He knew that the routine and itinerary of the Chairman were a closely guarded secret.It was not the falcon's nesting site, John wisely keeps all such eyries a closely guarded secret.Michael Fallon, MP for Darlington, has given the scheme a guarded welcome.His reaction was a very guarded welcome.
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