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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguessworkguess‧work /ˈɡeswɜːk $ -wɜːrk/ noun [uncountable]  GUESSthe method of trying to find the answer to something by guessing There’s a lot of guesswork in these calculations.
Examples from the Corpus
guessworkIt is all guesswork, but we can not help thinking about it, and I have thought a great deal about it.Our comprehension, however, based as it is on observation, intuition, and guesswork is always only partial.Our judgements depend upon complicated interconnected combinations of sense-data, reasoning, and guesswork.But that could have been guesswork.The docs' guesswork just goes to show how miraculously improbable human health really is.Although Patriots capture headlines and boast of a massive underground movement, they are so amorphous that counting them is guesswork.Many of Carey's price estimates are based on guesswork.At the beginning, the police investigation was largely based on guesswork.It's important to find out what consumers want to buy, rather than relying on guesswork."How did you know where she'd gone?" "It was pure guesswork."Discipline yourself to minimize opinion, disregard hearsay and reject guesswork.But it was more than guesswork.
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